Chelsea Elise Clark was all about brightening someone’s day, cheering someone up, or just being there to listen, and the world became a little darker the day that Chelsea died.

“It has become apparent to me how many lives Chelsea touched. Do you think that Chelsea had some special power that she touched so many lives at such a young age? Of course not.

“Yes, Chelsea was special, but so are each of you. Every person reading this and those that don’t are each uniquely and specially made. Every one of you affects so many more people then you realize. Your lives matter and you are all special.

Chelsea Elise Clark, 1996-2010“Chelsea only lived 13 very short years, but in that time she has affected hundreds of people directly and hundreds more indirectly. Please take a moment to think about how many lives you can affect. I am completely amazed by this still. I want to encourage each of you to realize that the way you are is the way that God created you. You are beautiful and perfect. Your lives have great meaning and you were put here for a reason. You may have bad things going on around you or even happen to you. That does not change who you are. You are important and you do not need anyone to tell you that! You can just know it.

“Please take from Chelsea’s death encouragement to live your life more fully. To take advantage of each day. To make someone smile or to encourage someone. Live your life fully and always remember how many people you affect every day with your words and actions … with your life. Use your life to make a difference.”

~ Carmen Clark, Chelsea’s Mom

Chelsea’s family would like to brighten things back up and created Chelsea Shines to do just that. Since she is no longer here to do it herself, we would love for others to illuminate the world on her behalf.